Friday, September 25, 2009

Prada goes to the beach.. in Japan

Japan's man made temperature controlled beach

You never really think of Japan as the first place for a beach vacation.  Yet, leave it Miuccia Prada to take inspiration from a Japanese beach.  Confused?  Not surprised, I'm sure she wanted you to be.  Tweets from the front row were going off during the show about her referencing 50's California beach style, but that just seemed too one-dimensional for Prada.  Looking at the actual man-made beaches in Japan, you can get the futuristic beach vibe that she put out there.  Temperature, humidity, and wind are all controlled in the beach dome.  Kinda really cool.  I guess this is what you should look like if you go there:

Dear Mayor Bloomberg,

Please put one of these beaches in New York. 


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Anonymous said...

ok the pigtails are so modern and chic! I am absolutely rocking my hair like this!

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