Where to start!? I'm giving you all the "official bio" in the awkward third person voice:

Lindsey is a graduate of Lafayette College majoring in International Affairs and Art History.  Having a strong academic foundation, Lindsey pursued her passion and a more artistic and creative path in the fashion industry.   Lindsey jump-started her career interning at Exposed PR, Seventeen Magazine, Lancome UK, and Prada.  With her hardworking attitude and talent for picking up trends, Exposed PR hired Lindsey right out of school to handle high- end luxury jewelry accounts.  Working with stylists in her spare time, Lindsey was also able to work on shoots for major magazines such as Cosmo Espanol and Pashion Magazine.  This experience persuaded her to make the jump from PR to editorial.  Lindsey started her editorial career working on features shoots for Cosmopolitan Magazine, which ultimately led her to the coveted Fashion Assistant position at the magazine.  Here, Lindsey got the opportunity to be featured in a 3 page spread in the April issue where she modeled and styled herself to showcase great style on a budget.  This was where the urge for sharing her personal style was born.  After leaving Cosmo and a brief stint in Sydney, Australia, Lindsey came back stateside to start Saucy Glossie.

Focusing on positive fashion coverage, SG covers Lindsey's latest obsessions, interviews with relevant designers, fashion events, and personal style on a budget.  Lindsey has been featured in Elle Japan, Glamorous, Cosmopolitan, Women's Health, Gilt Groupe, and
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