Friday, September 25, 2009

O'Neill's Generation Next

For the 2nd year in a row, O'Neill and Teen Vogue are teaming up to showcase "Generation Next" in design and fashion.   Set in Laguna Beach tonight, the competition brings local high school students together to present their dress and handbag designs based on O'Neill's Spring '10 collection.

Musician Thomas Fiss and Dance group Fanny Pak (from America's Best Dance Crew) will be performing.  The prize for the winners is pretty impressive and enough to make tons of Teen Vogue readers dying to be one of the 4 SoCal designers showcased at the event.  The winner receives a coveted design internship with O'Neill, a $2,000 educational scholarship, Teen Vogue coverage, and a wardrobe from O'Neill.  Keeping current with the tech savvy younger generation, the winner will be picked by text message!  

I love that the students are getting exposure in a charitable, business environment rather than feeling like they have to go on a reality show to get exposure.  Just sayin..

Stay tuned for coverage from tonight's show.




Maria said...

Love your write up. This is a great project that O'Neill and Teen Vogue have teamed up to do and I'll keep promoting it too. The photo you posted from last year's event belongs to my daughter, Krista Filardo who is now ending her first sem at FIDM and pursuing product development. She was also accepted at Parsons, The New School. She also started internship with the producers of OP and No Boundaries the very first week she started at FIDM. Tonight, Krista's sister - Kari will be presented as she too became one of the 4 finalists for this year's 2009 Generation Next. I still remember speaking to one of the executives of last year's show and saying "I've got 4 daughters and they're all talented and you never know...the next oldest might join the 2009 Generation Next project if you'll have one..." Guess what? I never even knew she competed until after she told me that she was chosen as one of the finalists. Good for you Kari! Do what you're passionate about.

Lindsey Calla said...

Excellent! Best of luck to her tonight! Thanks for the comment :)

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