Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Reflections on September Vogue '09

  Girls, rejoice.  Your satchels will be a bit lighter after you pick up this September's new Vogue.  Vogue is known for having their September issue be so massive you literally have to practice bending your knees to pick it up to prevent a thrown out back.  In thinking that you are going to get so many more shoots and clothing suggestions from fashion's finest, you buy the "textbook" enthusiastically only to sift through about 100 pages of advertisements for clothes you simply can't afford.  
Charlize Theron takes the cover this month and the cover boasts 584 Stylish "Steals" as compared to 798 Sept '08 and 840 in '07.  There is no big pink swarovski encrusted elephant in the room here.  We all knew Vogue's ad numbers were down and most magazines will be lighter.  However, I have to think that even though that number reflects the hardships of publishing, it also may just be appropriate this year.  How many stylish steals do we really need right now?  Is it even appropriate, when Goldman Sachs execs are telling their wives not to do any outlandish spending, to boast hundreds of shopping enticements?  This cover is almost fitting the trend of the moment.  
Quite possibly the best part about this cover is they put an article about Roger Federer on the cover, which makes me want to buy 50 copies of the magazine just for that.  Anna and I both share a love for Federer and sometimes I think that if I ever got to the interview stage at Vogue to be her assistant, that would be our bonding moment and she would hire me in an instant.  



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