Monday, July 27, 2009

Bhutan or Bust

I think the travel bug is biting me again... after randomly looking up flights to Florence yesterday, and then plotting how to transfer my Australia miles to get me to London for the shows, I think I seriously should consider some kind of trip if anything just to fuel my writing.  During my daily internet reads, I came across A Day in the Life article on with Gela Nash Taylor (of Juicy Couture) who mentioned that their summer jewelry line is inspired by "Tibetan bling".  And after seeing Rose Anne de Pampelonne's collection again at HQ PR last week, which is all hand made in the Himalayas, I think I need to escape to Bhutan for like a week.. How amazing is it? (see pic above).  And then from there go to India, especially after seeing pictures from designer Tory Burch's recent trip via Twitter (@toryburch)... Follow and be amazed



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