Friday, May 1, 2009

First no shoes, now no clothes?!

I guess I have to admit, I only really ever shopped in Henri Bendel for Christmas gifts and headbands.   Perhaps now I have no choice since the retailer is ceasing the sale of all of its clothing to fight off the recession.   Despite a ton of positive press in Gossip Girl and Confessions of a Shopaholic, Bendels couldn't seem to hold on.  Maybe this is the business model that they need to boost sales.  Bergdorfs and Barneys both have enviable shoe and clothing departments which have been slashing prices down so far that any non-UES princess could afford them.  And part of the charm of Bendels is grabbing anything brown and white striped, which usually meant a bracelet, a key chain, or a ladybug ipod speaker.

The only positive news?  The brand is looking to expand outside of New York and put the heavily accessory focused new model in shopping centers across the country.  Mid-west girls rejoice!

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