Friday, June 4, 2010

Bright Idea

On me: Top: Walter, Shorts: Cynthia Steffe, Shoes: Bebe
On Riley: pink collar with gold sea shells

Hi friends! Sorry I have been lacking on the posting this week. I took on some freelance work for a mag, but never fear, I will be posting regularly again starting this weekend!

This month I'm featured in PS (Pretty Style) Magazine in Japan and this was one of the shots taken for the issue. I'm not sure what pics made the cut yet because I haven't received my copy but I can't wait to show you!

This is my niece Riley the puggle.. Also known as pugglicious, Mrs. pugglesworth, and wrinkle face. She is very photogenic and doesn't feel pressure to get botex as she embraces her wrinkles. We can all learn something from her.

Outfit wise, I love pairing bright colors together! It gives off a very sporty chic, color blocked look. When pairing bright colors together I always pair items together that have the same saturation and tone. That way, you won't look like walking visual noise. It's also good to throw in some grey tones to balance out the bright colors.

Henri Matisse puts it best by saying: "When I have found the relationship of all the tones the result must be a living harmony of all the tones, a harmony not unlike that of musical composition"

Happy Friday!

Photo by: Canna Sasa




Anonymous said...

I like the colors of the outfit. it is really summer. Moreoever, I always love shoes with differnt colors on thm!!!

Lindstyle said...

i love the shoes, you look great! Riley is looking cute too!

xo Lindsey

Tugba said...

Love the shoes Wowwwww love ur outfit too :D Chic and cooooooolllllll :D

Hayley Golightly Style said...

You look beautiful! Very cute puppy, too! :)

Taylor Sterling said...

I love love love the bright colors babe! SO fresh and fun for summer time! I am loving the braid too!

jassy_onya'e said...

you inspire me to create my own fashion blog, which is what i am working on THANK YOu

Carolann C DeMatos said...

You know what, you must have the best shoe collection on the planet. I just want to come and play dress up in your closet for an afternoon.

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