Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Miu Kitty









I've been obsessed with the Miu Miu Spring show and entire collection for a long time now and sadly so is everyone else in the world, which makes getting some of their pieces near impossible. Thankfully, Zara always comes up clutch in these situations. The cat print dress captures the Miu Miu Spring spirit perfectly!

I'm clearly still battling between wedges and stilettos especially now that I got these JCs yesterday.. They are so mega high and I mega love.

I'm still hoping that I find a pair of Miu Miu printed Mary Janes somewhere down the line at the end of the season when everyone is over them and I will lovingly still scoop them up and give them a great home.

I also was inspired by a recent NY Times article that focused on mixing prints.. I love this look and played around with it a little in this shoot.. Mixing stripes in with another print always feels fresh and unique.





Nickie Frye said...

Hold it, that dress is from Zara? I totally thought it was Miu Miu. Sheesh, I need to go down there. Still have never been!

And the shoes! :D Looking good!

Lala Lopez said...

The JC Shoes are KILLER! xoxo

Robyn said...

I love this combo! The cat print is really cute and def. Miu Miu-esque. It looks great with your punchy striped cardigan. I clipped that NY Times article too, btw. :)


michelle_ said...

love the wedges and your dress ! they are a match made in heaven :)

Ms. B. Bad said...

I love this look! I am sad to say I haven't been to a Zara yet but I think you have convinced me to stop in! Glad you found me on twitter, I love your blog!

cleo said...

i love your look:)that dress and striped jacket looks great together:)good mix...

The Starving Stylist said...

love the kitty printed dress

Katy said...

I keep looking for those JC wedges and I can't find them anywhere! Point me in the right direction?

tractorgirl said...

love pattern on pattern pattern...oh, and colour.
x tractorgirl

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