Thursday, April 29, 2010

Grey Matter





I bought this dress in black at the Cynthia Steffe sample sale a few weeks back and I loved it so much that a few days later I snatched up the grey one as well on Gilt Groupe! Talk about workin the sample sales, but when you find something you really like you must stock up.

It's part kimono, part drape-a-licious, and has an elastic waistband, which all equal bliss in my mind. All in all it is one of my new go-to pieces.

I love pairing bright colors with grey because they feed off of each other really well...The grey tones down the bright shoe, but the shoe brightens up the dull grey.. When you are working with neons, grey is always a good color to mix in to tone things down and give something a sporty chic feel.

Somehow I managed to get the CV for Target wedges in both black and this yellow color and I still can't believe they were only $30! This is one of the best Target collaborations thus far because it really looks like the higher priced designer item.

I'm super exhausted from doing a segment this morning really early so I need to catch some rest!




polka dot said...

What a beautiful look! Love the shoes AND the dress and I totally agree. I always feel yellow is such a 'difficult' colour (you don't want to wear black, as someone said, you risk the bumble bee effect) and can't do primary red & blue, but this grey - and it's such a gorgeous sculptural draping.. it's just a beautiful shoot, and you look lovely.

What a lovely post! Think I'll retweet this ; )

pam.hughes2 said...

I adore the dress, its so summery and very cool looking, the shoes go great with it. Think it would suit casual and/or formal occasions. would love to wear it myself

Anonymous said...

so very very chic! Grey my alltime favorite color!

kirstyb said...

loving the shoes and that dress is gorge xxxx

Eleanor-Shopping The Closet said...

I love love love that dress - totally gorgeous!

michelle_ said...

the drapping is very pretty !
glisters and blisters

karina said...

u look amazing

Lindstyle said...

i love your dress! cant believe you got a pair of the CV wedges! totally sold out around me. great find!

xo Lindsey

The Downtown Diaries said...

I love this!!!! I want it.

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

oMG! I heart this dress. I wish I owned it!

Lala Lopez said...

i'm dying for those Cynthia Vincent shoes. I've been looking for them everywhere with no luck :(

Robyn said...

I'm beyond jealous of your CV for Target wedges! Black and yellow are the colors I wanted too, but all there is on ebay is brown, brown, and more brown. Not that I would pay twice the price anyway... or would I?

You look lovely!

Happy birthday, Kristina! I hope it is full of pretty, shiny, sparkly, and, of course, happy. :) Thanks for the mention!


Trendy Gourmandise said...

nice dress !!!

♥♥♥ ♥♥♥

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