Monday, April 5, 2010

Dissecting a Vintage Leather Jacket with Kevin Christiana

I'm sure you all remember Kevin Christiana from Season 4 of Project Runway and more recently as Rachel Ray's design guru. Well apparently too many bottles of red wine with a very animated Sicilian fashion designer will lead to dissecting his favorite vintage leather jacket. I whipped out my Flip video camera for the following reasons:

1: I know how much Kevin loooves the camera
2. Maybe I'd get some cool tips on what to look for when buying a leather jacket at a vintage store
3. It's actually really funny to watch a really straight guy talk about how much he loves seams. Just sayin...

But seriously if there is anyone that knows a thing or two about leather jackets it's Kevin. So take what you will from this video.. I think it's cool to see how a designer can look at a piece of clothing and know exactly how it was made.

Happy Monday!



1 comment:

Robyn said...

Lol, I just love your little videos! How do you like the Flip camera btw? I've been thinking about getting a Flip mino... seems quite handy...

Seams definitely make a jacket. I love watching people cut the fabric for a jacket, like they do on Project Runway. The jacket is in about a MILLION pieces before they finally stitch it all back up-- it's amazing that it ends up the way it does!


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