Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Saucy Glossie and OpenSky

My tendency to shop is the worst kept secret on the Internet. I’ve spent countless hours shopping whether it was for my job or just for leisure so I’m very excited to announce that I will now be shopping for YOU!

I’ve partnered up with a revolutionary new e-commerce site called OpenSky. OpenSky is a community of Bloggers-cum-Shopkeepers who hand pick items to sell in a virtual storefront. The site is aiming to bring a more personal touch to online shopping because let’s face it: online shopping can be intimidating. You are blindly choosing something solely based on a picture and a very generic description. If there is a review from someone named “anonymous”, how do you know whether or not to trust this person? Do you share their same standards? Their same aesthetic?

That’s where I come in. Bloggers are extremely passionate people. We are obsessed with our topics and consider ourselves “experts” in our field. So naturally, if you like my personal style chances are you will like the products in my Shop.

My Shop is very much a reflection of myself so I won’t choose anything that does not meet proper standards. I am not paid to endorse any products or brands; everything you see is something that I’ve found that I love and just have to share with you. There will be Shops and experts on all different topics like cooking, health, beauty, and technology (to name a few) so feel free to wander around the site to find things for every aspect of your life.

Click here for a full tour of my Storefront! Along with my usual posts, you will now be getting previews of what is in my Shop and direct links to products for your convenience.

For example, one of the first items that I will be selling in my Shop is this gold leaf bib necklace! So cute right? It is by jewelry designer Michelle Roy and sells for under $100 which is pretty amazing for a statement piece.

Hope you enjoy my shop and feel free to give me any feedback about the products or if there is something else you would like me to stock on my e-shelves!



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Tamia said...

Oh my God. I thought about this idea a while ago and wondered if anyone would bring it to fruition. Thanks for the heads-up!


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