Thursday, March 4, 2010

iPad and the Evolution of Glossies

Glamour, Wired, and Sports Illustrated are just a few magazines that have announced that they will be creating digital issues for the iPad. This obviously gets wheels spinning that a really cool digital version is possible. The iPad is in color and has great graphics, much like a magazine, and it allows for more creative and engaging advertisements ($$$).

This video below shows the possibilities of creating a seamless combination of the printed magazine and its online website.

Source: appletell

Here's the thing: Instant gratification is not just something we all wish for, but a part of everyday reality. My problem with magazines is that when the April issue drops in March, you have to wait a whole month to purchase an item that isn't available until April. To really be relevant and keep up with the pace of e-commerce, magazines would have to enable a click to purchase feature on the iPad. So would the content be different or would it just not be released on the iPad until that month actually hits?

Mediaweek says it is unclear whether or not Glamour will follow Wired's format, which is interactive with weblinking etc, or just blow up an iPhone app. I just feel like if they are going to put the money into making it digital, I really hope it is more interactive than just a virtual flip book.

Just random thoughts and if anyone has any other articles on this I would love to see!



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♥Lola said...

Really interesting video :) I wrote a small article about this as well.

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