Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Are You a Trench Girl?






I've actually never been a trench coat girl... I've always associated them with a more classic style of dressing and felt they didn't fit in my trendy, eclectic wardrobe. However, ever since Celine sent down very simple and classic pieces down the runway, I've been wanting to invest in some basics.

I actually knew this one was perfect for me when a rush of disappointment washed over me when I saw that there were zero trenches anywhere near the JPG area.. Somehow I found it on a random rack far, far away just waiting to be discovered by ME. It was in my size. It was meant to be. (LOL)

The fact that it was under $70 is ridiculous (in a good way). I've never actually invested in or even tried on a Burberry trench, but now I can understand why people want these in their wardrobes. A trench goes with everything and it's perfect for transition periods between seasons.

Of course I couldn't just leave it alone and let it be toned down and classic....I had to over accessorize it... Baby steps towards simplicity..




LaMimi said...

I love trench coats! I think I have about five of them in every possible :)
You look awesome by the the tan! :)


The Obsessionista said...

I am totally a trenchie! I too have about 5 colors! I'm slightly jealous that you were able to find the JPG for Target, but, I'll get over it since you look amazing in it!

Elsa said...

I love the black stripes detail on the trench and it looks very well made.
Nice turban, v. cool :-)

♥Lola said...

I really love the trench, it's very classic yet the detailing is so so pretty :)

Neekoh said...

I am way into this look. Everything from the trench, to the tulle to the turban! I love classics, but I think they're way cooler when made current by adding in trends and personal flair. You did that perfectly :D


Anonymous said...

Shocked that this trench is from Target! I love it!

Grübchen said...

beautiful outfit. :)

Behind the Wardrobe said...

I have a Burberry trench and it does make me feel pretty sophisticated when I wear it lol. But the trench/dresses Burberry sent down the runway recently were a little bit chic and a lot rock 'n roll - definitely an eccentric twist.

Lala Lopez said...

the JPG trench looks amazeeee on you!

mimi sioux said...

no... not into the trench... :(
but you look cute in it!

Anonymous said...

Are you ever down to earth and just wear sweat shirts and pants?

Saucy Glossie said...

yes! I love sweat shirts and pants!! When I am at home I am always in either my old lacrosse sweat stuff or I actually just got one of those sweatshirts with the ipod cord attached ... I'll post about it soon!

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