Thursday, December 17, 2009


Ok, I'm really not one to ever post anything negative.. however, when I flipped through the Gilt sale for Sergio Rossi today, I came across these:

The most confusing part of all of this is not just the shoe itself, which if you added little glass eyes on the shoe it would look like a British man from the '60s, but that it was "in members' carts".  Really??  Forget that it just looks questionable, but what if you get stuck in the rain?  What if you get caught in an escalator?  This has disaster written all over it.

I'm not quite sure I get the whole hair trend, but Martin Margiela did something similar last year.  So maybe I'm the crazy one here..

I do have to say though that the rest of the Sergio Rossi shoes on the sale site were quite beautiful.  



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