Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Quaker Town Brown





I feel like I've underestimated the beauty of brick as a background in shoots.  It reads so well on camera and I feel like as a brunette, it flatters browns and pulls out all of the undertones in my hair.  This is an old Quaker meeting house from way back in the day.. Everything is so aged, but beautifully aged...kind of shabby chic I guess.

I've been staring at these animal print tights for a while trying to figure out the best place and how to wear them.  They have such a perfect rusty brown background color so they don't blend in with my legs or wash me out.  I wore them last night to the Dior holiday party and there were beautiful animal prints and classic Dior pastels and I felt like my legs fit right in.  

On moi: Dress: Zara, Tights: LF Store, Belt: Zara, Shoes: Marc Jacobs, Lace caridgan: Millau 



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