Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Are you there Brett Favre? It's me, Lindsey

Currently sitting in the Minneapolis, Minnesota airport waiting for my flight to Boise with travel essentials in tow.  Would be nice to be able to carry my make up with me in case a chance run in with Brett Favre happens.... Sigh.  This book has been keeping me occupied for most of the down time.  It fits my reading criteria which is: must span an ancient time period (specifically the Renaissance) and must be non-fiction.  Or of course, it would be a fashion magazine.  Pretty broad spectrum lol

Here is another shot from the shoot the other day...  Heading to board another plane!  Brrr...



1 comment:

Sarah said...

ooooh i love those marc jacobs aviators. i have gone through 3 pairs of them already. definitely a standby.

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