Monday, November 9, 2009

You call this a fashion disaster??

Newsweek just ran an interesting article about the decline of famed fashion house Versace after the passing of Gianni.  The house has been getting some attention lately largely because it announced it was laying off 350 employees (about 25% of its workforce) and pulling a Conde by bringing in management consultant companies to suggest they, oh I don't know, stop spending so lavishly (Because that is soo 2007). 

In light of this news, I literally spent all night last night drooling over these Spring Versace shoes.  They are my new obsession.  I will stalk them at Bergdorf's shoe sale come next summer and hunt them down.  I don't think it is wrong to have goals, even if goals means spending lavishly on Versace shoes even after McKinsey and Bain Boston publicly denounce spending lavishly.  Because in the end, if the fashion house is spiraling into a tragic decline, I want to be part of the cure, not the cause.  

British blog, The Clothes Whisperer, has some amazing pics of the shoes après runway here


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