Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Perfect Blogette Bag?

The countdown to Fashion Week begins and I'm mentally flipping through my closet trying to form outfits for each day and prepare my arsenal of must haves (fashion tape, flat shoes, Luna Bars, camera batteries).  However, I realized that the one thing that I really need is a new bag to fit everything.  A standard purse just will not work for a blogette.  So in trying to find something that will be big enough for everything plus my laptop, I came across this at Urban Outfitters:

I feel like this may actually work.  It has both black and brown, so it would go with everything.  It has a hint of gold, which is a must have on any accessory that I wear, and I think it could fit my laptop comfortably and safely.  Best part?  It's $58!



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