Monday, August 3, 2009

True or False

Alright.  I know that it is possible that Jessica Simpson did get dumped by Tony Romo, but I can't help but note the timing of this celebrity relationship "bombshell".  She's been on the cover of all the weeklies about how devastating it is.  Then, magically, all the sudden WWD puts out a story that her lingerie line is launching.  Then, she shows up on the cover of Glamour almost the same week the story breaks.  And Tony probably had to show up to training camp this week so he's busy anyway practicing fumbling.  So do you think that this is just a big PR push for Jessica?  Or has her heart really been broken again?  Honestly, who really cares? I'm just really excited to read the new September issue of Glamour when it hits stands this week.

And check out the new cover of September Lucky!  Love Mandy Moore and the purple color scheme going on.



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