Friday, July 31, 2009

Saucy Obsession

If there is one thing, other than over-the-knee boots, that I am lusting after right now, it is this jacket by Lover.  Maybe it is because I never got an actual Varsity jacket, just the letter... I mean who really wore them?  And maybe it's also because it has a giant "L" on the front and it could be like my trademark jacket.  It could be like Blair and her headbands or Carrie and her giant flowers that she always wore.  I could throw it on with dresses or wear it with cute high waisted trousers like the above pic.  The possibilities are endless.  For donations please email me.

Thank you.



1 comment:

c.lorraine said...

Hi Lindsay! So nice to meet you at the Standard party a few weeks ago! Let's keep in touch. I heart saucyglossie! xx

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