Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Perception is Reality

I have a sort of obsession with printed textiles... I've made it one of my goals to get to Premiere Vision, the fabric shows in Paris, sometime soon in my lifetime.  I've watched some of the most innovative prints dance down the runway recently....Prints that play off of color and pixels.    So when I saw this post on on an art exhibition in London happening now, I almost wanted to drop everything and go there immediately..


The pieces are by a man named Carlos Cruz-Diez.  He is one of the leading artists in color theory and perception.  His pieces are a play on color and are described as "kinetic" as the colors move and change depending on where you see it.  Immediately I thought of these Basso & Brooke and Alexander McQueen looks (below) that embody the same sort of optical illusion.  Perhaps since London is the newest Fashion hot spot, will we see more of this inspiration creep into designer's collections?  I hope so.. we need some color in the world at the moment and would be a good balance to the black, grungy vibe going on.

For anyone in or going to London, the exhibit is at The Mayor Gallery until July 18th!



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