Monday, July 6, 2009

Ok, I have to say that I didn't think I'd buy into (no pun intended) The Fashion Show's whole idea of buying the winning look from each episode... until week 7.   The Isaac Mizrahi challenge, where the cute little ethnic short shorts and colorful shirt won, totally captured my shopping heart.  But I nearly fell out of my Loubs when I saw the actual look produced to sell is completely different than the actual winning look.  And when I say the actual look is different, I mean it lost all of the things that actually made it good.  

The print in the shorts from the runway look is smaller and more ethnic looking where the pattern in the shorts of the ones online looks like a table cloth at a restaurant in Little Italy.  And where is the pop of electric blue that made the shirt cool?  Instead they just went with a drab red stripe.  

Could they not source the same fabric to mass produce?  Or did they just think America couldn't handle the mix of prints and colors?  In which case, it makes me want to stop watching the show entirely....

In other news... when does Project Runway come back on?



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