Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Very Very Sneaky

July Vogue
If there is one trend that I really wish I could get away with wearing without looking goofy, it would be sneakers.  Not like New Balance sneakers or Keds, but neon Adidas high top kicks or better yet, Kanye West's designs for Louis Vuitton.  Almost every cool leggy Aussie girl in Sydney had them on..I've seen cute Asian girls rock them with leggings or shorts... but when I put them on, I feel like I just landed on the moon with moon boots on.  How is it that some girls can totally get away with it?  Its not like I have giant feet or something...Maybe I just can't seem to work them into my existing wardrobe.....which means maybe I need to do more research and go shopping..

In the meantime, if you feel that you are fit for sneaks check out these Kanye West LV Jasper shoes.  Good luck getting them though.. they are the new Hermes Kelly Bag..there is a waiting list for the waiting list's waiting list..



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