Sunday, June 21, 2009

Zoebot Season 2 Announced

I once had a moment with Rachel Zoe.  I was doing a piece for Seventeen Magazine, right out of college, pre-Rachel reality show, pre-zoebot, when you just new she was cool from following her styling and I got a chance to interview her at a fashion show.  She was wearing something ridiculously fabulous like vintage Missoni and I was hooked.  So I'm actually really excited for The Rachel Zoe Project Season 2 to debut.  @RZRachelzoe twittered this eve that the debut date has been announced!  Fashionistas set your tivos, pull out your fur, and make a Starbucks run for August 25th!  Rachel dishes to Entertainment Weekly ( on her favorite 34 (!) must have pieces.  I'd DIE for everything (sorry couldn't resist).  My favorite is the leather leggings from Juicy Couture's new line, Bird by Juicy Couture.  

Counting down the days.. 



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