Monday, June 8, 2009

Harper's Bazaar Weekly!?

The new Harper's Bazaar is just depressing.  How could one of the best fashion magazines use a stock shot for their cover?  They couldn't get Angie to a photo shoot?  Aren't there like 50 thousand other relevant celebrities that would die for a Bazaar cover??  And why is everyone talking about this woman and her life when she clearly does enough to stay out of the limelight?  All this says to me is some magazines are dying for better numbers. They must be seeing In Touch ,US, and Life and Style repeatedly putting her on the cover and figured, eh why not?  I hope this is similar to last month's Elle, where the Megan Fox cover they leaked was different than the cover that hit newsstands.  Or maybe Gawker is right.. print is dead...??



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