Friday, June 5, 2009

The Glossie Report

Last week, announcements were made about Theodora Richards signing with her sister's(Alexandra) agency, Wilhelmina .. well it didn't take them long for them to be, well, everywhere.  I picked up the new Glamour and Marie Claire for July and this stylish duo nabbed a feature story in each glossie.

Marie Claire brought them in on their 101 Ideas section to add a rock twist of ideas.  Close competitor, Glamour, chose to take the recessionista route and go beyond the pale in all white under $100 dollar items.  Hmm.. I sort of find it hard to believe that these girls are wearing Express when they just told Marie Claire how they are dying for a $998 dollar Ralph Lauren blazer and half the things they are crushing on are "Price Upon Request".... which we all know means "You can't even afford this so don't bother asking".  Maybe it would be a little more believable if I didn't have both articles staring me at the face as it would be refreshing to know that daughters of a Rolling Stone legend shop high-street and under.
Glamour's take on the rock chicettes

Regardless, Marie Claire definitely wins on the cool factor here.  These girls know rock style and showcase it brilliantly, where as the all-white Glamour spread looks a bit forced.  But kudos for at least trying to show style for cheap.



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