Friday, May 7, 2010







There are some days when I just want to be comfortable, casual, and wear clothes that feel like sweatpants. This whole outfit hits all of those things while also looking more chic than just throwing on my old Lafayette lacrosse sweats, which by the way I wear all the time when I'm at home.

The awesome thing about this top is that it's designed to be worn a few different ways, so you get a few different looks in one piece! I know these wedges are hard to find, but if you manage to get your hands on a pair you will live in them. For just $30 they are unbelievably comfortable.

I actually don't need to wear glasses, but I always see people that do wear glasses wear them when they want to be casual so it seemed fitting for today. They also are managing to cover up the droopy eyes that I've acquired from having such a busy week!




M said...

LOVE THIS LOOK! Looks so comfy! I want it alllll! :)

Tugba said...

Perfect outfit for a sunday :)

The Obsessionista said...

oh gosh oh gosh!! I love the crop top - My belly won't but I do!! Such a cute outfit

Tviolet said...

Love the look!

Live..Life..Fabulously TVR

abataba said...

I love the look!!

be.aoi said...

gorgeous outfit! love the top!

The Fancier said...

This is the absolutely perfect replacement for a sweatpants-feeling day. You look so darn chic but unbelievably comfortable. I am in love with your pants! Does your post say Falls is the brand? I have never heard of it.

Kara said...

LOVE how the JNBY top looks - so super cute xx

jassy_onya'e said...

wow I love your pants and your glasses, so cute

Neekoh said...

I love the cropped top with those pants. Comfortable, sure. Sexy, definitely! And man, I cannot wait for those Cynthia Vincent wedges to be restocked; they're even better than I imagined.

Live Love LA

♥Lola said...

So so pretty! I love this casual look, although you still make it seem so elegant and pulled together :)

michelle_ said...

love the combination of the loose pieces !

Barbro Andersen said...

You have a great style, I really admire you for that! Brave and creative!

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