Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gypsy Love








Dress: Rachel Rachel Roy, Turban: Forever 21, Rings: H&M, Necklace: Forever 21, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, Bracelets: American Eagle

I can't explain to you just how into silver and turquoise jewelry I am right now.. I just picked up tons of pieces from H&M and Forever 21 and I'm headed to Houston in July and I'm hoping to pick up some authentic western baubles when I'm out there! I want to find a really good flea market or vintage stores and just stock up.

I'm so in love with this Rachel Roy piece.. Her line for Macy's has some really awesome stuff and for a great price point which I heart. I am so in awe with Rachel as a person and a businesswoman. I ran into her at a music event recently and she told me that she loves seeing young women pursuing their own thing and I almost melted.




jassy_onya'e said...

I love, especially the hat, very cute and fits your body frame PERFECT.
p.s -> gorgeous rings

be.aoi said...

Gorgeous outfit! love the turban!

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

I live in might be able to find some great jewelry pieces on Harwin Street:)

Carmen said...

Gorgeous dress! Looks great on you!


Alex said...

I love this. It's so refreshingly original. The Rachel Roy dress is very Raquel Allegra esque

Neekoh said...

Looking over your past 5 or so looks, I love that you're a chameleon! You go from floral to edgy so seamlessly :)


Alice said...

Loving this look! The turbant looks so amazing on you.


patty said...

Glad you made your photos bigger! Love your wedges and all your jewelry. :)

polka dot said...

Just had to visit your blog since your tweets are so fabulous, and I love this post! Love your style, love turquoise esp with black and cream. That dress is gorgeous.

This is where the UK/USA splits: there are some brands, like Forever 21 and Rachel Roy (or, come to think of it, Tory Burch) that haven't really arrived here yet. Now I want to know more about her. (RR). In fact soon as I send this, I'm clicking on that link, babe.

We should think of doing some kind of 'guest post' on my blog: showcase an American designer like her, for example. But in a self style shot or two of you. Where is this taken?

jCx ( )

Anonymous said...

I am loving that dress!

Every Little Counts said...

ahhh...i love the black turban! i kept seeing the red/ orange color @ F21, but never the black. i definitely would have bought the black. love it!

also love the dress & i love rachel roy.

Robyn said...

You look so cute as a gypsy! ;-) I really love that black turban. It pulls the outfit together and looks fabulous on you!


Anonymous said...

I'm so in love with the turban. It looks great on you. I'm sure I could not put it on, it just would look silly.
Love your turquoise jewelry. The ring and the necklace are divine! ^^

xoxo Sandra

Wicked Thrifty said...

i've been into silver and turquoise my whole life, having grown up (early years) in the southwest... i do have a silver/turquoise cross and i suppose i could try wearing it ironically/gothically instead of feeling weird about not being christian :)

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