Monday, May 10, 2010

Cherry on Top




Picked up this blazer at the White + Warren sample sale last week! I couldn't resist the pretty cherry color.. This outfit kinda reminds me of Alexander Wang a few seasons back when he did all of those colorful blazers..


And there is a difference between wearing a bra and wearing a bralette.. This bralette has pretty details that are meant to be seen and it covers enough and doesn't have anything sheer..perfect for high waisted shorts.




pam.hughes2 said...

I love it, the colour, the style, its fab!! xx

Lindstyle said...

you look great! i love the color of your blazer.

xo Lindsey

be.aoi said...

beautiful color!

Rachel said...

I wish I was brave enough to go out wearing a bra top...

abataba said...

I love your jacket!

Anonymous said...

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Tebonin said...

How can I let you know how much I love your blog? You cherry long coat even better than the one in the fashion pic. Those black buttons are really cute.

Trendy Gourmandise said...

sexy outfit ! love it !!!!

♥♥♥ ♥♥♥

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