Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cheap Chic Chapeau


If you haven't checked out Target's latest design collaborations, I suggest you do so before everything gets sold out. This Eugenia Kim hat was $16 and her actual brand name hats can cost anywhere from $300! A braid suits hats really well because if you have tons of hair like me, it keeps it all under control and keeps you cooler in the summer.

I really wanted to shoot my new Falls dress today, but sadly it is raining so I'll have to save that for another day! They are having a great sample sale in New York. Pieces range from $10 to $100! Check it out and tell the boys that SG sent you.

Today 12pm-8pm and Thursday 12pm-7pm
425 West 23rd street, suite 1bb

Read my interview with Philip and Leong from Falls HERE




Anonymous said...

The hat is lovely! And I'm MAJORLY digging the shoes. Really, I like them a lot. Don't leave them unattended or anything.


Polished Sense said...

I just checked out your blog from twitter! ( OMG, I love it...I am signing from my personal account (polished sense), but I love your outfit today. That blue is so vibrant on you. I LOVE the necklace And the shoes...are those Jeffery Campbell? Wow, gorge!


Sarah said...

What are those SHOES?? I must have them.

Robyn said...

So cute! I'm digging the Eugenia Kim hat. I'm thinking about buying the robin egg's blue one for myself. Btw, I'm following you on Twitter now!


Lindsey Calla said...

Jeffrey Campbell shoes! x

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