Saturday, March 13, 2010

Flower Child and Rock Goddess


red 2-text

red rock


It's amazing what a scenery change can do for the photos! The background and natural landscape almost seems fake because it is so perfect and beautiful. The crazy part is that it was partly cloudy yesterday and locals were complaining about how bad the weather was! Even a bad day in Sydney is a good day.

Sassi Sam took my pics again yesterday down on the rocks at Coogee Beach. We had such a blast until we got caught in a massive rain shower.

High waisted shorts are just begging for a cute bralette top. I still need to find one that matches these shorts, but for the now the black will do because it has a retro feel to it.

In the airport waiting for my flight to Melbourne. I'm attending the Governor's Ball tonight! The theme is Winter Wonderland (err, enough with winter!) and I'll be able to meet tons of Aussie designers and Editors. Can't wait to post on it!




Jennifer said...

love the photo posts, looks like you are having a great time. you'll have to let me know how you did all of the great effects for the photos. I want to know! have fun at the ball...

♥Lola said...

Love this shoot, so gorgeous! have fun at the ball :)

Anonymous said...

You look stunning in this outfit and my god, your legs are amazing! ^^
Wish I had legs like this!
xoxo Sandra

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