Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Corinthian Order





Creamy neutrals have crept back up into my wardrobe lately in an effort to invest in more classic pieces that will last. Plus, white and beige are popping up everywhere this Spring and it is so refreshing!

I was really lucky to snag these Phillip Lim pants at their sample sale a few seasons ago. They just drape so well on the body and remind me of a Greek column. I love this silhouette and I'm actually on the hunt for a maxi skirt that gives me the same shape and elongated length.

Wearing a monochromatic look makes you appear longer, which is why I added the white shoes. It's ok if the colors are all not exactly the same shade as long as you tie them all together with your accessories.

Here's to the beautiful weather that is coming our way this weekend!




Anonymous said...

this is a great look! very clean and cool!

brooke said...

i was going to use the same words -- clean and cool! I just discovered your blog and I think you have an excellent sense of style. adding to my google reader!

Robyn said...

You look so classic and elegant! I especially love the nautical belt.


Anonymous said...

dude love monochrome looks, am hunting for wide white pants atm!!!
just followed you on twitter
im at twitter/mylittlebehind

Anonymous said...

I see your pictures on your blog, all dressed up and looking very,but is this your job? Do you get paid a nice amount of money for this type of work? You travel also, must be a nice company you work for.
Good luck to you.

Anonymous said...

I love this monochromatic look! You look so wonderful here.

Neekoh said...

Man, I love this! Creamy neutrals are so fresh, so chic and so beautiful. Perfection. I especially like how you played up the luxurious factor by adding the golden bracelets.


Anonymous said...

I love all white outfits - but I am always so freaked out about stains. Do you carry shout wipes with you? Am I just being crazy nervous?

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