Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hit the Streets

It used to be that you would get your picture taken in the Tents mostly by Japanese photographers which made it hard to track where pictures actually ended up. I always wanted to see them but never found any! These days there are more photographers outside than on the risers during the show. So much so that I heard Anna Dello Russo tripled her wardrobe to 90 outfits so that street-style photographers were satisfied. 90 OUTFITS!

The gentleman who took this pic was super cute and couldn't pronounce the name of my blog because of his cute British accent. Anywho, I look like I'm twelve, but I love this outfit. It sort of sums up my quirky style and I'm slightly obsessed with my new glasses.

Vogue UK is my favorite Vogue so I was very excited to be on their site! Their website produces a ton of original content separate from what is in the magazine and they have blogs from super cool people like Lara Bohinc and Savannah Miller. Check it out HERE

Photo by Tommy Clarke



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A Thought Is The Blossom said...

you look adorable! how cool to be on the vogue sight too.

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