Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy Feet

Sweater: Le Blossom, Leggings: Danskin, Socks: JCrew, Shoes: Barbara Bui

I'm so envious of California bloggers because they have consistent weather and don't have to brave the elements to take style shots! We just got slammed with so much snow and more is on the way tomorrow! Awesome, looks like I'll be wearing my Pucci moon boots to the shows.

I've been eyeing this penguin sweater from LF Store for a few months and I finally snagged one 60 percent off at their end of season sale. I did my hair a la Prada Spring '10 and I feel like it adds to the anime/kawaii (kawaii translates to cuteness in Japanese culture) that this sweater has. Prada's show was inspired by a Japanese man-made beach so it all somehow ties together.

Hopefully I can squeeze in a few more shoots before the madness of fashion week and snow hits again!




M.Aver & F.DeStef said...

YESSS the Penguin Sweater! SOOO CUTE :)

Kara said...

I just saw that sweater the other day!! Had to refrain from buying it though :( So so cute! Definitely matches the weather lately.


Neekoh said...

Wow, who would have thought of this?? Brilliant! I think I'm going to have to (try to) emulate it!

HeatherClark said...

hey i love your blog! found it via la mimi. I saw that sweater this weekend too and I couldn't decide so I didn't get it. I thought it may be itchy but perhaps I was wrong.

Like the pop of the hot pink

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