Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Look who I saw last night at the Supima Cotton emerging designer fashion show! Coco Rocha and two of the beautiful and confident plus sized models from V Magazine's Curves Ahead shoot.

How refreshing to see these women be naturally beautiful... *ahem* Heidi Montag. Even Coco, who is considered a standard model size, looks healthy and normal. Can we please not even speak about Heidi and her 10 plastic surgeries? I'm so over it.




ru.kurarin said...

really refreshing.

Anka Papuli said...

I love that sparkly dress!I must have it - it looks like a Donna Karan from a few years ago. If anyone knows who did it I would love to know! :)

Emilie said...

I couldn't agree more...this all Heidi Montag surgery thing, I'm so over it! She's ridiculous!

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