Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Johnny Depp is the Sexiest Man Alive

 People Magazine
unveiled this year's pick for Sexiest Man Alive this morning and the choice seems to be generating a ton of buzz.   Johnny Depp stole the crown away from obvious choices like Robert Pattinson and Ryan Reynolds and proves for the second time that even at 46 years old he can still carry the title.  

There is so much talk about the topic that my tweet this morning prompted a phone call from CNN to grill me about whether or not I agreed with the choice.  And to be honest, I do.  

People Magazine clearly does not just base their choices on looks or popularity alone.  There are many layers to what makes a man sexy and I think they do a great job honoring that.  Johnny comes across as a great father, great husband, an extremely talented actor, and just an all around humbled person.  That is sexy.

I also give People props for not just sticking Rob on the cover for newsstand sales.  Rob has like 3 more Twilight movies coming out and we still have yet to see his range as an actor and as a person.  There is no doubt that he will take the title at some point in his career.

Publicists also push hard for their clients to nab this title, but too much exposure can be counteractive.  How many times are we really going to have Rob Pattinson thrown on the cover of a magazine?  Also, People magazine's demographic may not be the screaming tweens and teens that have really created the buzz around Rob.  People's cover choices are always more mature, so their sexiest man should be as well.

Plus, Johnny is promoting a few major films in the next year: Alice and Wonderland and The Rum Diary for 2010 and he has 3 films rumored to be coming out in 2011 and 2012, according to IMDB.  Hot, sexy, loyal, established, successful, and motivated.  Are those not qualities that we see in "sexy" anymore?

Would love to hear your comments about the choice!



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Amber Nefertari said...

i've always loved johnny depp. as a kid tho i always mixed him up with brad pitt lol they are both hot. i cant beleive he is over 40 time flies.

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