Monday, November 2, 2009

Deep Thoughts with Alexa Chung

Alexa wears Stella McCartney's lace jumpsuit

Oh America, we have taken some monumental steps forward in fixing our somewhat tarnished image over the last decade.  Our President has won the Nobel Peace Prize, a few scientists have won the Nobel Prize in Physics, we've extended a friendly diplomatic arm to evil do-ers, yet we still are seen as a land of douche bags.  Or so says Alexa Chung.

Her new interview in V Magazine is (not surprisingly) a bit cheeky.  The Brit-It expat came across the pond to take over/save MTV with her British wit and uncensored charm and lays it all out for V Magazine's latest issue saying: 

"I don't really have any friends in America...I just don't tolerate douche bags"

Thanks Lexi, since douche bags are used for hygienic purposes, we'll take that as a complement.

For more on Alexa Chung, check out the new V Magazine (issue #62) on stands this week.  



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