Friday, October 2, 2009

Tweet War

As I reported the other day, Roxy the new girl on The City claimed that she worked for Rachel Zoe during her interview at People's Revolution.  Rachel denied it by saying she has never had a girl named Roxy work for her.  Now, there is an all out Twitter war between Rachel and Roxy.  Rach is going bananas (pun intended) over the fact that Roxy called the Zoe Camp chaotic and disorderly.... check it out below:

Twitter has some how turned into a public cat fight platform.  It also seems like the magical editing of reality tv is like jabbing a 5-inch stiletto heel in the stomach of all of the girls (myself included) and guys who have worked their asses off in the industry sans reality cameras and then have to be subjected to watching girls make 100k per episode without paying dues.  Just sayin... For more on that topic go to and read THIS.




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