Monday, October 12, 2009

This Sounds Nice....

Oh Gilt Groupe, you really know the way to my heart.  Their spin off travel sale site, Jetsetter, just posted a deal on a gorgeous hotel in Nice.  For just $225-$275 dollars a night, you can stay at the beautiful Hotel Negresco, which is cheaper than the Holiday Inn in New York.  Not only is the hotel architecturally stunning, but it houses an amazing art collection, a chandelier made for a Russian Czar, and quintessential French Rococo decor.  Just fyi, the weather in Nice stays around 60-70s degrees throughout October and November.... I could think of about 20 outfits that need to have moments there.... Le Sigh.


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HBTNStyle said...

Looks stunning, and so wish I was there, but here's a little secret: Nice is actually not that nice.

Sure the Med is magnificent, but Nice has a seedy underbelly - it's buildings are reminiscent of a past heyday, and the French are impossibly rude, even down South. Plus the beaches are covered in pebbles - a real scorcher on one's bare feet in the Summer. You might also want to check out Tablet Hotels - - it encourages a lot of restless day dreaming. Enjoy! Oh, and love your blog!

Vanessa /

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