Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lobster Feet

  McQueen's apocalyptic foreshadowing of the polar ice caps melting submerging us into a permanent water existence gave us the most innovative show of the season.  See, even Fashion Week can't take our minds off of those cute yet sad polar bear commercials with Noah Wyle and the fact that Wall Street might be underwater in a few years (literally not figuratively, figuratively that has already happened).  Cause even when the sea level rises and the world is underwater, chic must go on.

 Don't worry though.  Our feet are going to turn into lobster claws but we will have shoes for them... and our skin will grow scales, but it's so on trend.  Even Christian Siriano flirted with a futuristic body suit...

I bet that Victoria Beckham will be the first to wear these 10 inch McQueen shoes!  I'd take those shoes over these ugly Calvin Klein platform flats any day.  





Anonymous said...

Love the McQueen shoes! Just now found my way over here, but wanted to say hello. It's Rachel. We met at the Geren Ford round table, and both used to work at Cosmo. Your blog is great! Definitely adding it to my google reader, and my site's blog roll.

FashionJazz said...

Luv these shoes!! I found ur blog through CHictopia, I luv it! Im going to link it to my blog if thats ok?

Have a lovely day

Jasna- Chictopia

My Fashion Frenzy said...

Gotta' love McQueen ;)

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