Tuesday, October 6, 2009

GG to CC

You really can't get better than Gossip Girl with Georgina Chapman, RZ Project with Chanel and Karl and then an actual Chanel show all in a span of 24 hours.  Mondays are so the new Fridays.

  A couple lingering questions/observations from GG:

1.  What happened to all of the headbands? Stacey Lapidus and Jennifer Behr are going to have to find another cast of It girls to crown unless the hierarchy of Constance really stays.  Plus Blair just doesn't look the same

2.  Why couldn't Serena have landed the job at Marchesa!?  I would have died to see Georgina Chapman become a regular

3.  Speaking of Marchesa.  The line's dresses were all over the place at the movie premiere last night.  Both Tyra and the Duffster were sporting Marchesa numbers

4.  The best line of the night came from Blair who said that Birkenstock sandals were not footwear. 

Love it



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