Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Milly Spring '10

Milly's Spring/Summer show is always one that I look forward to even more than her Fall/Winter.  Not because her Fall/Winter is not as good, but I love her for her happy, bright colors and fun prints that have become synonymous to me with summer and resort vacations.  So I was surprised to see that Michelle Smith experimented with darker colors for next spring.  The collection had a lot of black pieces that were brightened up with embellishments and I saw some new silhouettes from her like a black jumpsuit and a cute leather jacket.  The models were styled with side pony tails and big bows in their hair and had some rocking gold jewelry on.   The first couple of looks that came out screamed 80's and I was hoping that Milly wouldn't have an 80's moment.  It just doesn't feel like her customer.   Thankfully she moved into more familiar territory with some 60's silhouettes and prints, then some fresh and modern tapered pants and a really super cute trench coat. 



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