Friday, August 7, 2009

Sneak Peek

Happy Friday Glossie posse!  Sorry for the lack of posts yesterday.  Been working on a project this week that I cannot WAIT to show you.  Here is a sneak peek and a little teaser above.


Lots and lots of new fun additions coming to the blog.  Will be adding a video component soon so you can watch me interview designers, attend events and fashion shows, and other fun fashion-y things.   Loving my head to toe Cynthia Steffe outfit above!  It was outside of The Plaza and I like to pretend that I live there, which would be dangerous due to its close proximity to Bergdorfs......but I guess if I was living in The Plaza, I could probably buy the whole store...which would be awesome.  But I digress.  I attended the Indigo textile show to visit the most amazing print designers from Karolina york and they flipped over the print of this shirt.  It's totally their style.  Check out their website to see some of their work HERE.



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