Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I've decided that hunting for magazines every month is like an addiction.  Yes, I have an addiction.  I've never smoked before, but from what I've seen from people that do, they are spending $5 for one pack, constantly searching for a pack when they run out, and feeling euphoric after indulging in one.  Today I walked 5 blocks and 1 avenue to find the new Vogue and Instyle.  I knew they were out and I knew I had to have them.  Reluctantly forking over 11 dollars for 2 massive September Books, my constant need to have them right away took away any thoughts of:  "How much am I spending a month on these things?"  I cut down on weeklies, in convincing myself that I can get that same info on the internet for free.  Sometimes I wince at buying Vogue lately, but after seeing the coverline, "Roger Federer: Greatest Tennis Player of All Time", I didn't even think twice.  In fact, I would have scraped together some leftover Australian coins at the bottom of my bag and taken them to one of those currency exchange places to pay for it, if necessary.  It really would have been all worth it for this:



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