Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Balance- Nine West Round Two

One of the coolest sneaker collaborations since Nike and the Ipod comes New Balance and Nine West.  New Balance, known for fusing classic designs with new ideas for the future, had launched an extremely successful line with Nine West this Spring.  The sneakers had more of a trendier and fashionable edge, while still maintaining a frugalista price point of under 100 dollars.  Continuing on that success, they are launching Fall and Holiday and I was able to grab a sneak peak of the newest additions at their preview held at DDC Lab in Soho.  One of my favorites was the studded high top sneaker in white.  I have yet to actually try the high top trend but I am hoping when I put them on I look hipster cool instead of "Those aren't you". 

There were also plenty of men's shoes as well and the girls were kind enough to group them into personalities for Christmas gift ideas.  Is your boyfriend an active guy?  Try the new snowboarding shoe ( a first for New Balance).  Is your brother independent minded?  He would totally rock the high tops that change color the more you wear them (bottom far right)

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