Monday, July 6, 2009

Glossie Introduction

Happy Monday Glossie Posse!  Sorry for the delay in postings, I was on my death beach chair with Strep throat all weekend!  Now I'm back and ready for another saucy week..

Glossie fans, meet Russh Magazine.  An Aussie magazine at heart, but with an international mindset, Russh has some of the most inventive styling and trend forecasting around.  I first met Russh when I was in Australia and dying for a magazine that wasn't just Aussie focused to keep me in the loop of the rest of the world.  And since you should be in the loop with Aussie style, Russh should be added to your glossie rotation every other month.  Published bi-monthly, it sells in the US at Barnes and Noble, Borders, and Urban Outfitters.  The newest cover (top left) sort of reminds me of Karl's new Chanel ad campaigns shot in Vermont (see below).. See a trend coming??

This is one of my favorite images...I want this Lover jacket soo bad!



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