Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Weekly, Is that You?

I haven't been buying weeklies lately.. partly because I can get the same info free on the internet..and partly because I remember when they used to cost $1.99 and now they are $3.99.. but when I passed by this cover today I had to get it.  Not because I really really wanted to know about the "dirty secrets" of Real Housewives, but because there is barely a presence of any real celebrities on the cover.  Jon and Kate have been on the cover of US and other weeklies for a number of consecutive weeks.  Now the Housewives make front page news with a teeny tiny picture of mega-star Jen Aniston in the corner.  I'm not saying they are undeserving, because the infamous table flip brought in mega ratings, but it definitely raises some  questions and discussions about the direction of American celebrity culture.  

Discuss amongst yourselves, glossie posse.



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