Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Up For Renewal

Memorial Day weekend kicks of the summer beach reading season.  Straying from my usual Italian Renaissance serious biographies, I decided to try a lighter fare when coming across this book.  Glossies give us a blueprint on how to enhance our lives.. whether it be relationships, style, beauty, even health and fitness.  Sometimes you agree with their advice, or you take bits and pieces of it and try to apply it to your life, like say... "Get in Shape in 2 weeks!" and you last a day.. But what would happen if you actually just followed the laws of the glossies and took every piece of info and incorporated into your life ten fold, without fail or falter?  

Glossie beach read, Up for Renewal by Cathy Alter, humors this idea.  Semi-autobiographical, Cathy had come across a midlife, thirty something crisis and decided to take up magazine editors as mentors and follow these "experts" every word.  I love the idea of this type of social experiment.  Especially since magazines claim to have all of the answers and the insider knowledge that may just make your life that much better.  If we all followed the the glossies this seriously, what really would happen?



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