Thursday, May 7, 2009

Saucy Spotlight On...

Barney's Co-0p Philadelphia

I somehow managed to spend half my day (that explains the lack of posts today) at the new Barney's Co-op in Philadelphia.  Sometimes, when major NYC stores open up outposts across the country, the buyers think that girls aren't as trendy as nyc girls or something and stock the store with reject pieces.. not in this case.  The store was practically overflowing with the hottest labels.  The Vena Cava dress Serena wore!   3 racks of Phillip Lim!  Possibly the softest Current Elliott jeans ever!  Well done Barneys, well done.  You have not only made my day, but the day of fashion-impoverished girls across the Mainline and NJ.. you truly deserve a place amongst Philly's finest.. Oh, I can just picture myself jogging up the Rocky stairs sporting an amazing Mason utilitarian jacket and Alex Wang sweat shorts...  

Stay tuned for Glossie reviews on the trifecta of first-week shipments- Lucky, Glamour, and Marie Claire



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