Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sale Case Study

Yesterday was a sad day.  Gilt Groupe had an Herve Leger sale which pretty much made my life since I think I've thought about selling my kidney to pay for another bandage dress.  The sale started at 12:00pm.  I logged on at 12:01 and every dress I tried to buy was "in another guests cart".  

How is it possible to completely replicate the madness of a sample sale on the Internet?  This was the equivalent of rushing into the sample sale and seeing another girl grab the last dress you loved and walking around stalking her until she puts the garment down.  Then, naturally, you snatch it up.

I of course at first was so disappointed, vowed never to take part in such madness again, but the most brilliant part about Gilt Groupe is that it made me count the seconds down until the next sale and plot my strategy to win.   

There are other sites that have similar formats such as Billion Dollar Babes, Rue Lala, and Shop it to Me, but Gilt manages to attract the most by having the least amount of stock causing shoppers to only want the products more.  

If anyone has found the formula of success for Gilt, please email me immediately.  Thank you.  Happy Tuesday!



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